Monday, May 24, 2010

Ayn Rand Paul

Can someone explain to me why someone who hates government so much is running for office? So he can dismantle everything he's supposed to do when he gets there?
What is this crazy mishegoss with destroying government? So the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is too much government and holding BP responsible for the worst oil spill in history is too much government. What are we, a zoo?
If you don't like to live in society, go live in a cave, preferably in Alaska. In your corporate cave, you can have separate counters for troglodytes and murgatroids.
These people are insane.

Speaking of BP, I saw two cars pumping gas at the BP station on Houston St. One of them the proud owner of a Porsche. The other one a clueless minivan dad. Other than equally clueless (or perhaps even gleeful) cabdrivers, that station is not doing a lot of business these days. As it should be.

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  1. He doesn't want to destroy government - where did you get that fantasy?

    Perhaps he wants to get government back to its correct purpose, protecting lives and property ( ).