Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Department of Unpopular Sentiments

Darlings! I have noticed that my involvement with addictions such as facebook and other internet cabinets of wonder wastes a lot of time I could be spending writing here, instead of updating my every move or picking fights in other blogs.
Last week I found myself in the middle of a perfect little internet shitstorm, for I was making comments in Gawker that got me to be virtually screamed at by two very different segments of the virtual population.
Exhibit A: I sympathize with Roman Polanski. Before you lynch me, let me elaborate.
I do not sympathize with his criminal behavior. I do not think that the fact that he survived the Holocaust as a child, or that his wife and unborn child were murdered by the Manson family, or that he is a brilliant filmmaker, can ever justify his sexual abuse of minors. Fact is, had his trial not been a travesty, he would probably have served time, as he deserved. But the trial was a circus, because all celebrity trials are circuses and the presiding judge wanted to be a celebrity himself. All I was saying that the complexity of his bizarre legal process, the distortions of fame, the zeitgeist of the 70's, make his case far more complicated than screaming "off with his head" 40 years after the fact. I was promptly accused of blaming the victim. I don't. I blame Polanski and I blame the victim's mother for leaving her unchaperoned at a "screen test" with a notorious film director at the house of a notorious actor in the middle of the drug addled 70's.  But why all this extradition hysteria now? Is it because there is an Los Angeles DA running for office?  People all of a sudden become naive when it comes to selfrighteous moral indignation.
Exhibit B: A post on Gawker criticizes Steve Jobs because he doesn't allow porn apps on the iPad. This apparently is an affront to our nation's freedoms. This is what I said:
Now, I'm not a parent, but internet porn (which I myself peruse once in a while) is an insidious thing, and not only for children. It is hugely degrading to women. It can warp the minds of adults who are not always sensitive or even cognizant of how dehumanizing some of it is, let alone kids. So Apple has every right to keep porn away from its product. It's not like they are saying they are going to block porn from your Macbook. You will still be able to jerk off to your heart's content and believe in the fantasy that the women who subject themselves to the increasingly hostile and abusive sexual scenarios of internet porn do it because they love it and because of "freedom".
The outrage this unleashed! I was accused of being a "morality police" and reassured that a lot of porn is noble and good and the ladies who do it absolutely love doing it. Frankly, methinks the gents do protest too much. 
This has got to be a pathetic country with a bunch of pathetic losers whose idea of defending freedom is defending porn.  I'm not advocating censorship. But the day one of these sorry jerkoffs has to live in a place like China or any other country where you can fester in jail for thinking or complaining against the government, that day, maybe they will give their freedom the respect and the value it deserves. America has really spoiled its brats. And I am sick and tired of how Americans cheapen something that is so dear to most others, usually for nefarious reasons (see Freedom Fries, Sarah Palin) or for idiotic reasons, like porn.

Still, I think it hilarious to be screamed at both by the feminists and the porn lovers.  Maybe they can all go on a date.

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