Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Band Aids for Hemorrages

As if I have nothing better to do with my time, I write in the comments section of the NYT.
You should know that there are a lot of crazy Mini Sheriff Arpaios out there clamoring to deport, shoot to kill, seal the border, build a wall, etc. They sound like crazy crackers.
Here's what I wrote. Except here I may use more colorful language because this is my blog.

Sending 1200 National Guards to the border is a joke.
Giving Mexico millions of dollars for their futile war on drugs is useless.
All the measures taken by the Obama administration so far seem like a band aid trying to contain a full blown hemorrage. I am a Mexican American citizen.  I don't believe in the Minutemen or Sheriff Arpaio's illegal tactics and I am appalled by the hypocrisy of all those people screaming bloody murder against the immigrants but saying nothing against the legitimate businesses who hire them.
The measures needed to start solving this problem need to be long term.
First, the vermin of both parties who sit in Congress need to pass some immigration legislation pronto. Unless there is a coherent federal immigration policy in this country, nothing is really going to change except the rising level of anti-immigration hysteria. States coming up on their own with their racist, unconstitutional solutions are not going to help nor make a dent in the influx of immigrants. This is not a states' problem, it's a federal, foreign policy problem.
Secondly, the war on drugs that Mexico has been asked to undertake singlehandedly, in which thousands of Mexicans have died due to the endless voraciousness of American drug consumption needs to be reframed. Prohibition encourages criminality and outrageous profits for the drug mafia. 90% of Mexican drug production is consumed in the US. Is anybody going to do something about this? I'm sick and tired of the bully gringos whining about Mexico. Look at your own meth-infested backyard. That is not Mexico's fault, you spoiled crybabies.
Third, Mexico needs to get its act together (the nerve!). It cannot expect to continue farming out its poor, uneducated, desperate citizens to a country that does not welcome them, except to exploit them. It needs to improve the rural standard of living and education, It needs to give its own citizens a future.

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