Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Grande Enchilada Alternative Nobel Prizes

There are certain things that deserve a Nobel Prize that do not fit in the Nobel categories, but they are still deserving of our unending gratitude. So here are my nominees for Nobel Prize for Fantasticness:
Velcro. Now that I have to walk around with a foot brace, instead of a cast, I sing the praises of Velcro. Whoever invented it is a genius (just don't let it near any pantyhose. It bites).
The Human Eye. I saw a demonstration of footage shot with the new Arri Alexa camera, a marvel of HD. The texture was unbelievably crisp. Then I looked around the auditorium with my own eyes. The texture was unbelievably crisp. We have some major optical lenses in the human eye.
Ice Cream. Dessert also merits a prize, but ice cream takes the cake, so to speak. Ice cream makes people happy very fast. 
Movies. You know how I feel about them.
Pot. Pot is so nice once in a while, with the emphasis on "once in a while". Too much of it and I think you really start acting retarded. But once in a blue moon, way nice. Time to legalize it! Because at the opposite end of the awards spectrum is the idiotic war on drugs. However, the Awards for Achievement in Human Idiocy deserve a separate post.
The Bicycle. Better than the car.
Mexican Food. Culinary genius.
Cities. So rats want to live here too. They know where the action is.  
The internet. A world changer, as usual with humans, for better and for worse.
At the request of Mr. Ex-Enchilada, Charles' Southern Pan Fried Chicken has been added to the list.

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