Wednesday, May 16, 2007

He does ride the subway!

...with an impressive security detail, but still. Today I saw Mayor Mike on the 4 train at City Hall station. This kind of thing makes me feel like we live in a Marvel Comic and I think it is super, duper cool.
I wanted to say hi and tell him he needs to do the congestion tax asap and we're with him and do something about the rats and the cabs and the banks and the duane reades and the prices of condos, and we still love you, you are doing great, but I figured that if I tried to talk to him maybe the beefy security agents would tackle me to the ground and break my bones, cause I was in the possession of a hefty computer case carrying the Final Cut Pro I need for my film, so I didn't.
I wouldn't have noticed the Mayor if it wasn't for a French tourist who exclaimed, "Ces't Bloomberrrg"! And then of course, 6 humongous guys in suits and NYPD officers, but all and all, quite a discreet boarding of the subway. Even though he has sold out the city to the rich, I like Mayor Mike.

In other news, right now New York City seems to be in the throes of a mini-tornado. The wind is whipping all kinds of things up and I can see people leaning against it, from my window, which is shaking and creaking violently. A dark cloud is rapidly heading downtown. Marvel Comic.

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