Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I read somewhere that the MTA is going to ask people to rate the subway service in NY. They want suggestions. Here are some:

1. The public announcement services would be a joke if they weren't so annoying. Nobody ever knows what these people are garbling over the screechy, hair-raising speakers. Have you been to Berlin? There are clocks telling you how soon the train will be at the station and the announcements are delivered in a pristine voice with clear sound that everybody can understand. Particularly lately, when there have been so many service changes it is actually astounding if your train actually goes to its usual destinations, the public announcements need to be improved.
2. What good is it to announce the next station inside the train when the train has actually left the current station? Can somebody explain to me what is the logic of this? The next station should be announced when the doors of the train are still open at the station, so people can decide whether they need to board or leave. Not when the train is moving and you don't know what station is about to befall you. Go to Berlin. The Germans know how to run trains.
3. Do something about the smells.
4. Do something about the rats.
5. Some stations are pretty and others are in terrible shape. Be consistent.
6. The turnstiles against farebeaters are security hazards. If anything ever happens in the train or on the platform, how are people going to get out?
The subway rules. I love the subway. It's the only way to get around town fast.

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