Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trembling before God

So now the Pope has threatened with excommunication and eternal damnation to all politicians who support abortion. That obviously goes straight to all those sensible, concerned Mexico City pols (I can't believe I'm saying this) who voted to allow abortions in Mexico City. I'm sure they are shitting in their pants over the prospect of going to hell. How they must tremble... But I think that it will be quite the opposite. Mexico City politicians, who have never been known to do anything for the good of their constituents, have won a place in my heaven, by looking at reality straight in the eye and saving the lives of countless women who have no recourse when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. If the Catholic church would rather see poor women bleed to death or die from infections or become barren after unsafe and harrowing abortions, that is their own ticket to hell.
And there is certainly something chilling and unseemly about the church threatening people in secular life. It not only seems anachronistic but unsolicited, plain wrong.

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  1. Bueno no es la primera vez que pasa; también pasó

    "La Constitución de 1857 incorporó las leyes reformistas, facultó al Estado para legislar en materia de culto y dio un paso trascendental al superar la intolerancia religiosa y dejar implícita la libertad de cultos. La iglesia sacó su arma más poderosa: la excomunión ipso facto a quienes juraron la Constitución. Estalló la guerra civil. En la parte más cruenta de la guerra se decretaron las leyes de Reforma. La legislación fue presidida por un manifiesto en el que el gobierno constitucional explicó que la iglesia había promovido la guerra civil. Por tal razón procedió a nacionalizar los bienes del clero para indemnizar a la República."

    Claro que eso fue hace 155 años