Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mexican Maid

The White House has a Mexican live-in maid. Her name is Alberto Gonzales. Once you read this, the business of firing 8 attorney generals because Karl Rove doesn't like them or they are not Republican enough or they did not do the illegal stuff that was being coerced on them, is going to seem like small potatoes.
Now, how much evidence of incompetence and malfeasance is needed to make the stubborn Gonzales understand he needs to vacate the premises pronto? Apparently, he has no sense of personal honor, or even of ridicule. Even if he were to finally get the memo, by now he has sunk to the lowest form of mindless servitude and stupidity. What an asslicker. Beware of those who blindly follow orders.
But he is only a reflection of his bosses. He acts with arrogance and stupidity just like them. I'm sure this country has never seen anything so tarnished, so debased, as the behavior of this administration.
When will this be finally over????
I think the country should mark the end of the Bush disaster with a national holiday on the scale of Independence Day. Fireworks, concerts, general misrule and cavorting. Nothing short of that could possibly express the joy and relief and liberation we're going to feel when these vermin finally let go.

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