Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chocolat Liegeois

I just had a dessert that made me so ecstatically happy, I finally understood what they mean when they say that chocolate is a mood enhancer. My serotonins just had an orgy of joy. This thing was basically better than sex (at the moment of writing, it certainly seems this way). And the good part is it can be had in public while you blog.
I believe Liege is a place somewhere in France or in Belgium. It has been decided for safety's sake to avoid Liege in order not to run into the Chocolat Liegeois, because we'll be like a junkie on cold turkey who runs into a bunch of his favorite heroin. It's that good.
It comes with a lot of creme Chantilly, which we spooned off to one side for purely dietetic purposes (some of it). The rest made it safely into our system. Below the mounds of snowy Chantilly there lies a pure cold chocolate ooze: it ain't mousse, it ain't ice cream, it is thicker and creamier and lighter than syrup. It's like pure chocolate goo that has little specks of hard chocolate inside. It's not too sweet, not too dark, not too bitter. It is beyond good. It comes with a huge delicious vanilla butter cookie and a maraschino cherry and mint leaves, because the French like to overdecorate. But I could swim in vats of this thing forever and then rinse off in a shower of creme anglaise.

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