Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fat central

We have decided we are only going to eat one crazy French meal a day because we are starting to expand alarmingly. It is hard not to, with the affordable 3 course menus and the bread and pastries and crepes and the aperitif and everything is meat with fried potatoes… I’m sure one can still eat real well but there are also lots of very disappointing places. We’ve been going to affordable places and soso cafes. Lunch is a huge production and you need to invest the time. There are way too many tourist traps and I’m afraid quality has gone down. They serve onion soup out of Lipton’s. It’s horrible.
We did have the best couscous on Earth at Chez Hammadi, where the man himself saw to it that we ate, as if he was our grandpa. The best.

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