Friday, July 13, 2007

The horror

I couldn't let this one go by. Mexican honor needs defending.
My former employers, of a sort, Miller Brewing Company, have come out with the new Zima. But that's not all. There is worse. In their wisdom, they have decided to bottle Mexico's gift to beer, which is called a michelada, and which like many other Mexican gifts to the world, like the margarita or the torta or the taco, cannot possibly be assembly-lined because they are a labor of love and a thing of genius.
For the longest time, I have been zealously guarding the ancient secret of the michelada in fear that someone will unleash, misunderstand and abuse its magic powers. You can now get a pretty decent michelada in NY (at La Esquina, but they use chipotle in it, which is good but not to my taste).
So in order to upset the potential damage of this utterly offensive product, I will relinquish the secret recipe of the michelada for you to try at home and thank me and the Mexican people forever.

Mexican beer

Squeeze limes into lime juice. Use good limes. This is KEY.
Get plump, juicy limes from Mexico, not the shriveled, puny, bitter limes they serve at most bars in NY.

Rim the edge of a beer glass with salt. You do this by moistening the rim with a lime cut in half.

Put ice in the salt-rimmed glass. Add lime juice to taste, like up to one third of the glass according to your tolerance for puckering up.
Add MEXICAN beer. The blond beers like Corona, Pacifico, or Modelo Especial work great. I love it with Negra Modelo.

Enjoy. You'll start building your altar to the Mexican gods later.

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