Thursday, July 05, 2007

Global Warming...

...doesn't seem to be happening in Paris. It's chilly and rainy and generally obnoxious. Bursts of gorgeous sunlight punctuated by evil flashes of thundering rain. But I am in the mind of outrage about global warming because of something I noticed that made my blood boil. I have been here a week already and my friend Analia, whose apartment I am swapping, has received exactly two pieces of mail, both addressed to her and both probably solicited. Meanwhile, I asked her to pick up my mail everyday and I can assure you there is already a mountain of unsolicited garbage piling up. She probably can't find her way out of it.
If we are so concerned about global warming, one of the first things that must stop is that horrifyingly wasteful American custom of junk mail. It is truly obscene. And that shit that you are supposed to get on a list to reduce your mail is a total fabrication. I'm on it. It doesn't work. I have written to people to stop sending me (and three dead people) junk mail. It is to no avail.
Here in France they are not a culture of waste. They don't obsess about ice cubes and air conditioning and it certainly looks like they don't fell forests for junk mail. Enough.

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