Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gone Mitt the Wind

So that guy is out. All I know about him is he is rich, handsome, a Mormon and as from today, a has been.
So I'm afraid that this means it's gonna be McCain v Hillary. In which case I can almost predict 4 more years of a Republican presidency, Lord have mercy on us. If it is McCain v Obama, I think it would be more of a toss up. But anyway, McCain has always been the only viable (read this as not totally lunatic) Republican candidate and a guy who appeals to those who are not mentally insane, which I surmise is the majority of Republicans. I think that the crazy ass Republicans (the ultra right wing nutjobs) are like the Jews: everybody thinks there is more of them than is actually true. Huckabee is going to give McCain a good fight in the crazy ass states, but I think (read this as I pray and hope, teeth chattering and knees trembling) that sanity and moderation will prevail. If the general apathy and indifference of this country are any indication, it will be a white male protestant once again.
Question: Will the fact that there will be a horrible recession and people will be really pissed off about the economy make people vote Democrat or Republican come November?

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