Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am Little Grasshopper

(That's me in the middle)

For I am taking Tai Chi lessons. I am becoming a veritable Buddha of calmness. NOT.
BUT. I do like the Tai Chi. I love that it looks deceptively simple but it takes concentration and mastery to do it well. It makes you aware of your body in a different way, somehow more organic. And it is beautiful and non-competitive (meaning, even a klutz like me can do it). It does not try to turn you into a human pretzel.
First week I was like: WTF is this?
Second week I was like: WTF is this that I still don't quite get it?
Third week: suddenly the body starts remembering on its own and certain movements follow others almost naturally.
The teacher tells me I'm adding a movement. And I am convinced he's on my case just because. But indeed I am adding a movement with the ball of my foot that I didn't even notice. This is how this exercise makes you conscious of how you move. I hope it will help me with my lower back pain, make me lose weight, give me great sex, make me look gorgeous, take away my cellulite, make me smarter, younger, calmer, better. If it doesn't do any of those things, I will still like it.
Best thing is nobody will come up with Power Tai Chi, although I'm sure there must be someone out there trying to market the hell out of it and make it what it is not.

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