Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Hillary Debacle

Are there any more states left that need to vote yet? Can we call it a day already?
I'm sure the pundits will be squeezing their collective heads like a zit, trying to decode for us what it means that white people voted for Barack Obama before they voted for Hills.
I am almost certain that it has very little do to with the fact that she is "a woman" and more to do with the fact of the woman that she is. Those who never liked her were not about to start liking her now. Those who were on the fence, like me, were very turned off with the allegations of trying to rig the elections to her favor and some nasty racial comments, that inexcusable town hall meeting with planted questions, and Bill Clinton's undignified performance as cheerleader. That is not counting her stance on the war and her spineless record as a politician.
Also, we all know "change" is a a cliché, especially when used by a politician, but even without the conscious participation of the candidates in question, the gut feeling is that Hills represents politics as usual and Obama doesn't. (whether this is true or not we'll find out soon enough). So it's not that we are not ready for a woman (and please spare me the tearing of garments over this), it's that we simply do not trust this particular woman. And the reason for our distrust in this case, may lie more on her side than ours.
Now, does this mean that John McCain will be the next president of the US? It's quite likely. But the Democratic party should take note. The people have spoken and they are tired of the same old, same old.

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