Monday, February 04, 2008

The suspense is killing me

I'm still undecided for tomorrow, but leaning to the junior senator from Illinois. Even though my dear friend Katya directed me to a You Tube video of celebrities I mostly can't recognize singing one of Obama's speeches. This video was supposed to convince me to vote for the man, but it was so long and corny and pretentious I almost voted for Ron Paul instead (sorry, Katya).
I agree with George Clooney that unless you are Oprah, celebrity endorsements of politicos rarely help.
Case in point: Scarlett Johanssen supporting Obama in the video, complete with recording studio earphones a la We Are The World -- very bad.
Clooney supporting Obama -- where do I sign?
It really depends on who does the shilling.
But I will confess how my political mind is working right now:
I'm going to vote for Obama against my own very senator from New York because she represents politics as usual. This is not an easy choice, but by voting for Obama I will register my displeasure with politics as usual. Now, all the NY dems (the assembly members and congresspeople etc) are supporting Hillary for obvious reasons. They wrote me a letter telling me so. I figure they all want to be taken into account when and if she becomes president. Fuck em.
My instinct is that Hillary Clinton will win, just like the Giants did (NYers love to win in everything) and so, I will vote for her in the general election. But for now, I'm voting for the guy who is fresh and young and different, even despite that horrid video.

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