Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jackie Hoffman is the better me

Thank God for Jackie Hoffman. If it wasn't for people like her, New York would be like Omaha.
I saw her show at Joe's Pub and I had a blast. She sings these really funny songs she makes up about being herself in all her ruthless, kvetchy glory. One song is called "Stop Making Out in Front of Me", another one is the hilarious "Shavuos" song, another one is "You are not a Buddhist, you are a Jew", and my favorite is a rousing faux gospel number called "No Child is Born", because Jackie, bless her soul, famously hates babies and children and the mothers and double strollers that go with them. She is right on point, she has perfect comic delivery, enormous wonderful chutzpah, she belts them out imperfectly but brazenly and I identify, because like her, but without her talent, I also pretty much have a beef against pretty much everything. And she just made me feel happy again that New York is still, if only barely, New York.

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