Saturday, March 22, 2008

Department of the Obvious

A genetic study has shown that the Europeans that conquered Latin America in the 1500s killed most of the men and procreated with the women, thus creating the mestizo race, according to the BBC.
Thus, places with a high concentration of natives at the time of the conquest (which the BBC quaintly calls colonisation), like Tenochtitlan, aka as Mexico City, and some Andean regions, have more people with native ancestry, whereas "the Mestizo with the highest European ancestry are from areas with relatively low pre-Columbian native population density and where the current native population is sparse."
Somehow, we have known this all along from the history we were taught as children. Without having genetic confirmation, I believe I know this since second grade. Our history books said that the male natives were exploited in the mines and killed of disease and exhaustion. The Spaniards took the women. Mexico was born, and none too happily.
I think that because most Mexicans are half European, we should all get EC passports.

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