Monday, March 10, 2008

Good News Is: Our Governor Is Not A "Difficult" John

I mean, it could be much worse. He could be a very bad and difficult john, the major prick. He could like to wear diapers or have really disgusting habits. But luckily, Kristen, his whore, likes him. This is such a relief.
Also good news: at least they were expensive hookers. The guy has some class.

I don't know what is worse:
1. The cumbersome asshole this Spitzer has turned out to be.
(And to think I voted for you, asshole. I actually feel betrayed).

2. The fact that his wife has to stand by him and share in the humiliation.
Were I Silda, this is what I would tell "Client No 9": "You need me to stand by you at the press conference? Why don't you ask "Kristen" to sub for me, you unspeakable hypocrite?"

I am not a prude, but I have never understood prostitution. I don't understand whores nor the men who pay for them. If they happen to be the sanctimonious governor of my state, well then, I'm throwing my hands right up in the air.
I was not born yesterday, so I have made my peace with the fact that prostitution will not disappear as long as swinish men run the joint, which has been the case since day one. But what would really, really help would be to legalize the business. This way the whores pay taxes (though the burden of taxes should also be on the john, like a luxury tax), the police go after more dangerous criminals, the prostitutes themselves are more protected from abuse, you name it: it is a sensible solution for all involved (except perhaps for the johns, but they barely deserve to keep their balls intact, so I don't want to hear any complaints).

And if prostitution is to continue, women should demand to pay for sex too, with gorgeous hunks on viagra (if needed). Why not? We could exploit and objectify gorgeous hunks to our heart's content and make men feel like pieces of meat while we pay them to service our needs. Equal rights.

Some random thoughts:

• Joe Bruno is probably dying of happiness as we speak (if he didn't tip the Feds himself).

• A question: why is this particular ring being investigated? Is it because Spitzer is a client, or is it sheer coincidence the feds happened in on this one ring?

• This is the hubristic behavior of a child of privilege. He should certainly resign. Whether we agree with it or not, prostitution is illegal. Apparently, transporting a prostitute across state lines is a federal crime. This man knows all this full well, from the time he used to go after such rings himself with purifying zeal. So either he is so arrogant as to think he is untouchable, or he is pathetic. Either way, he has disgraced himself and the office (not for the first time) which we entrusted to him. It's a terrible shame.

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