Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So now what?

The race is getting closer and the primaries don't show any signs of going away. I am already exhausted. Weary to my bones. And we still have Guam to go.
Am I the only person who thinks this circus is ridiculously long? Why can't all the states hold their primaries on the same day, like a general election day? Candidates should have a fixed time to campaign (the less, the better), like 2 or 3 months tops, and then we should all vote for whoever we like in our heart of hearts, which would prevent most of the indignities that we all have to go through (including the candidates themselves). The media would have less opportunity of deriding Hills, she would have less opportunity of attacking Obama's race, etc, etc.
Make the primary election like a political version of speed-dating, instead of this embarrassingly drawn out lunacy. Make people trust their instincts and do their homework on the candidates. Candidates would focus on communicating what the hell they intend to do with the country, instead of talking like Hallmark cards, and voters would have to be more serious about their choice. The process as it is, is spineless for all and a drain of money and effort that would be better spent elsewhere.
And fuck the delegates. Who are those people? Let the winner come straight from the voters. Whoever gets more votes wins, no matter if it is in California or Guam. Why is this so complicated?

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