Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm flummoxed... people's cavalier suggestions that Spitzer's 80,000 worth of whores shows some kind of human frailty we should be more empathetic about. Imagine the pain and humiliation he is causing his wife and daughters. I empathize with them. I don't know what kind of ball squeezing is going on with Silda, but I hope she nails him for everything he's got. This is the only way I can remotely understand her standing by him. Women should stop putting up with this male entitlement crap.
People say Sptizer deserves a second chance, this has nothing to do with his capacity to govern. Are you nuts?
People compare this to l'affaire Lewinsky and other such scandals. But I think there is a major difference between two adults who consent to have sex without involving a money transaction, and a man who solicits whores. Consensual sex between two adults (even if one of them is married) is not illegal. Women may fully consent, even love, to be whores, but there is something about prostitution that is exploitative by nature and, I venture to say, degrading.
Spitzer deeply disappoints me by going to whores. I don't care if he is blowing off steam, or his wife is frigid. Be a man, get a lover. Or use your hand.
You may say this is his personal life. One can do a lot of things in one's personal life that are unsavory, but not illegal. If you have been entrusted with the highest office in the State, you do not engage in illegal activities, period. Not because you are a paragon of virtue, but because it is stupid.
If he was caught blowing rails, or smoking joints, would people be so forgiving?
Then there are people who compare apples with oranges by comparing Spitzer to Bush and his ineptitude. Somehow this is different. Many Americans, including me, have begged for impeachment of the President repeatedly. It is not happening. The fucking Democrats have not forcefully asked for it. We're screaming on deaf ears. Whose fault is it that Bush has not been impeached? Why should the Republicans not call for Spitzer's resignation? He should have resigned yesterday.

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