Friday, March 28, 2008

Gurbye, Ask A Mexican

Gustavo Arellano, the Ann Landers of Mexicans, is retiring his column for good. Apparently, he couldn't take it any more from the pc crowd that gets offended over anything and everything (probably more than he got offended by the stupid gringos that tried to get a rise out of him).
My feeling is some of the people who have volunteered to have the best interests of US Hispanics at heart need to lighten up, pronto.
We have a great sense of humor, but some people get all holier than thou when we make fun of ourselves.
As always, the rule is: I can make fun of myself and my compadres all I want, but not you. If you do make fun of me, it has to be funny to me. Same goes for you.
I don't think Arellano's column was that witty, but it was fun that he turned the stereotypes on their ass.
Gurbye, amigou.

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