Monday, April 28, 2008

Good News!

I am very happy to learn of a new pro Israel lobby in the US that is more to my liberal liking.
It's called J Street and I think it was about time that someone gave voice to many of us who support Israel but who look for real and honest debate about political solutions, and not the typical knee jerk reactions of the existing lobby, who make friends with extremists that don't really have Israel's best interests at heart. I've never felt that those Jewish organizations represent me, because they seem to attack anybody who dares question Israel's policies or anybody who doesn't show blind, unflagging support, no matter what. As I've said many times, I support Israel completely, but with responsibility and sound politics, not just because and not under any and all circumstances.
So I welcome the advent of J Street and I hope it opens up new avenues towards a lasting solution for the region.

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