Monday, April 14, 2008

There is a Rooster in Manhattan

And it apparently suffers from insomnia. It's been shrieking bloody murder since 3 am today. At first I thought it was a female voice asking rather politely for help. It repeated its languid "heeeeeeeelp" consistently like every 90 seconds, so it was most definitely not a damsel in distress. Then I thought maybe it is some newfangled construction contraption that makes a high pitched hissing sound, but it sounded organic rather than mechanical. Then I thought it was a cat in heat, except it didn't sound at all like a cat in heat. And around 6 am, when I was more awake, I could definitely distinguish the crowing sound of a rooster at dawn. (News Flash: I just heard it three times -- it's 10:17 am).
I think it is coming from somewhere in the near West Village. Perhaps the kindergarten on Sullivan St between Bleecker and West 3rd? Who keeps a rooster in a Manhattan apartment?
I have no issues with a pet rooster in Manhattan. In Mexico City at dawn you hear the little birds and lots of street dogs always howling through the night, and roosters sometimes too. However, this particular New York rooster has his clock screwed up or is coked up. I would appreciate if the owners taught him to crow, say from 7 to 9 am only. He could wake the entire Village up in a nice, organic way.

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