Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scary Spice

Take a good look now, because this is the only smile you are ever going to see on Victoria Beckham.
Why is this woman always wearing a rictus? What's not to like about her life? She always looks like she was caught with a suppository up her ass.
In any case, the New York Times style section includes an article on the very annoying Marc Jacobs ads by Juergen Teller. To their credit, they look like no one else's and they make you remember the brand. That is good advertising. But still, they're annoying because they want to be so "anti" and because they are deliberately ugly.
If I didn't think that Marc Jacobs' clothes are designed for smart women who want to look both ugly and stupid, I'd probably like the ads more. But every time I go to Bloomie's in Soho and peruse the huge Marc Jacobs store, it seems to me that his muse must be Nurse Ratched. These are the clothes she'd be wearing on her days off. And as much as I admire Nurse Ratched's steely resolve and her no nonsense approach to discipline, I do not want to look like her (but I do find her more attractive than Scary Spice, for sure).

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