Monday, July 13, 2009

Carbonara Blues

I have a recipe for authentic spaghetti Carbonara which has no cream. Just the raw eggs. But every time I make it, the egg and cheese mixture comes out too thick. It calls for three eggs and almost a cup of pecorino romano and parmiggiano reggiano cheeses. I think it may be too much cheese. Any ideas?


  1. Stir the egg and cheese together with a fork until incorporated. Set aside.
    Place half the cheese/egg mixture in the bottom of a large serving bowl. As soon as the pasta comes out of the cooking water quickly place the pasta on top of the mixture and scrape out the rest of the cheese/egg on the top of the pasta along with the warm fried pancetta and onion .
    Toss the spaghetti quickly adding some of the hot pasta water to the bowl to thin the sauce out to a creamy consistency.
    Remember, the pasta starch will also thicken the sauce as well so watch the consistency as you toss. It should really be a little "wet" as it firms up more when it's served.

    Note: Be sure not to over salt the pasta water for this dish because of the cheese and bacon and salty water factor.
    Grind plenty of fresh black pepper on top at the end and serve immediately otherwise it will really be too thick if it sits on a table for too long !

    If the sauce comes out too thin you can always add more of the pecriono or parmagianno at the end. Buon Appetito !

  2. Dear Everett:

    I was missing the hot pasta water trick, so this is so very helpful!
    Your Enchilada.