Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unintended Consequences of Having a Black President:

All the nutjobs come out of the woodwork; in hysterics to boot.
The good faith, the reacquisition of stature in the world, the idea that the United States is a less racist country than others, and sort of a flashlight unto the nations; our wonderful Obamanian romance with fantasy was to be short lived.
Because now some sore losers are deeply afraid that our country is not a right wing nutjobland. I guess when changes like these happen, the extremists hunker down and become even more so. These people never learn anything.
They just can't stand it. Ignorant, stupid, God-fearing crackers.
As Roland Martin, a CNN commentator said, the people who claim Barack Obama is not American are exactly like Holocaust deniers. Exactly as insane, as nefarious, as sinister, as repulsive and as dangerous. Martin tries to condescend to them by making fun of them. But they are not funny. They are disgusting. And they should be thoroughly repudiated.
Obama has no reason to be showing anybody his birth certificate. This is offensive and outrageous.
It stands to reason that if he had been born somewhere else, like the Governator, he would not have been able to run for President, because he could not have won. Period.

HBO showed a documentary yesterday about a school in a town in Mississippi that in 2008 was still planning to have a segregated prom night. The school was integrated. The kids, 70% black and 30% white, went to school together every day. But they had a black prom and a white prom. Morgan Freeman, who was born there and lives in Mississippi, promised to pay for the prom if the kids agreed to integrate it. It turns out that most of the kids were okay with that. It was the white parents who resisted. Now, when you hear that, you imagine 75 year-old KKKers lynching negroes. But if you do the math, these parents are only in their late thirties, early forties tops, perhaps they're even younger than that. That is, like me, they were children at the time of the Civil Rights movement. There is no reason on earth why they should still hold attitudes prevalent from Slavery. It is appalling.
Most of the kids react to racism as if it was something deeply embarrassing to them, but that's where they live and that's the way it goes. It's actually pretty sad. A white kid is afraid to show his face on TV, his parents are so racist. A white girl cannot get a job in town because she is friends with a black guy and because she is not going to the white prom. On the other hand, a black honor student is convinced she was cheated out of being a valedictorian because she is black. It never ends.
But never fear. God is never far from these kinds of hellholes. In this town everybody prays for everything at all times. Even though this is a public school, there are prayers at the prom.
Newsflash: invoking God is no guarantee of human decency, people (in my view, it's usually quite the contrary).

Then comes the arrest of Henry Louis Gates.
So it seems that our starry eyed, media induced "postracial society" was to be short lived.
Not surprisingly, because it is not true.
We've come a long way and yet we are still too far behind.

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