Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm a Wise Latina, So What?

I understand her reasons (she wants to nail the thing), but I was disappointed in Sonia Sotomayor for saying that "A wise Latina" was the wrong choice of words. She is a wise Latina. What is wrong with this statement? She is a wise Latina in a milieu where there are not that many Latinos, wise or otherwise. Lay the fuck off!
In order to pass a Supreme Court confirmation, you basically need to pretend that you are not really who you are. You will not get confirmed if you are anything but white Wonder bread.
Justice Roberts pretended to be toothless and polite and now Sonia needs to pretend she is a white Republican chick from Omaha, for crying out loud.
Honestly, the hypocrisy and absurdity and stupidity of the political process in this country is getting to me (what took me so long, right?). Looking at the bunch of mostly white bozos questioning her it occurs to me we need a change of leadership in this country. We need younger, fresher, more colorful faces, more genders, too. It's not enough to have a black president. We need to change the peeps in Congress. Aren't you tired of seeing Orrin Hatch? How long has that guy been there? His botox is scary.
I just hope that the minute Sonia hits that bench, she lets it rip.

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