Thursday, July 30, 2009

Siesta Time!

The NYT has an article on napping today.

There was an implication of guilt to be felt for taking naps, even as science and common sense dictate that napping is super good for you.
Americans seriously need to chill out with their freaking work ethic. Live a little.

Now, naps are super good for YOU. For me, they are wonderful, but I am forbidden by friends and loved ones to overly indulge in them. This is what happens: If it's a power nap, my foul mood will be mercifully short. But if it's one of those naps of which you have trouble waking up, I become a monster. You know the feeling: you try to wake up and your body feels like poured concrete and you just can't open your eyes. The foul mood that follows renders me borderline sociopathic.
When my foul mood finally lifts (takes from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the length of the nap), I feel delightfully alert and refreshed. And then I can't go to sleep at night. While everybody is dead tired, I wanna go dancing. Hence the prohibition against me napping.
(I do it anyway).

When I used to work full time, I used to come back from lunch and I would start dozing off so bad (particularly after sushi), that I would cover my forehead with a hand, look down and pretend to be absorbed in fascinating reading material. Sometimes I would turn the chair around with my back to the door, and take a tiny little nap. Instead of pool tables, advertising agencies should have napping pods.

Now that I work from home, when I get this drowsy feeling, I just hit the sack for (hopefully) half an hour. I find that it helps me concentrate much better. But my nearest and dearest don't endorse it.

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