Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Fiery Latinas, Thank You!

If you want to be confirmed to the Supreme Court apparently it is best not to be a Latina spitfire, like the bunch of white Republican old geezers insist that Sonia Sotomayor is, as if having passion, humor and smarts are a bad thing for a Supreme Court judge. So we love us the Latino fire in the dancing and in the food, but not so much in the Supreme Court? Why not?
Her steadiness was evident during questioning by Mr. Graham, who remarked Monday that she would be confirmed unless she suffered “a meltdown".
Can you imagine someone saying this to a man? As a woman, I'm mortally offended by these remarks.
Will the gringos ever tire from the same old, worn out stereotypes about Latinos (and women)?
Let her pass this stupid confirmation, and like Chief Justice Roberts and the rest of them really show what she's made of once she gets inside. This court urgently needs a tough, no nonsense, passionate mami from the Bronx.

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