Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to The Eighties: Help!

photos via New York Magazine


Are fashion designers clueless, insane, cruelly perverse or all of the above? Are they aware that we are in the middle of an awful economic crisis? If so, do they think that shoulder pads and frizzy female mullets are going to do the trick? Do they think that this will bring our shopping confidence back? Yikes.

Have I told you how much I loathe Marc Jacobs?

I was mildly alarmed at the beginning of our century, when they decided to send us all back to the 70s. But compared to the 80s, the 70s are the height of good taste (but don't tell that to the Russians in Brighton Beach. They seem to be permanently stuck on the 80s).
The 80s were the most obnoxious era of conspicuous consumption (well, before the 90s and the 00s). Now we can't afford to consume anything!
Are we supposed to part with our zealously protected money in order to secure neon clothes with shoulder pads? Hell, no.
We should be harking back to the 30s, to the golden days of the Great Depression, where nobody had anything to eat but the clothes were great. Even the clothes worn by the Joads were great.

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  1. I agree that right now the fashions are terrible. I love the dresses from the 30's cut on the bias and the close hats. Even for masses they were lovely. Remember the movie Cinderella Man and the clothes that Rene Zellweger wore? She was depression poor but the clothes were classy.