Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bacon will Prevail

This article by Michael Pollan about the importance of homecooking and its demise in this country moved me to tears. (But then again, a good Parisian croissant or my mother's Orange Souffle could do the same). It's informative, fun, wise, right on the money and beautiful. Required reading.


  1. While I usually don't have much appreciation for Pollan, I have to admit that I loved that piece. But America will not return to home cooking until it returns to families (or at least the occupants of the same dwelling unit) sitting down at least once a day at the dining room table, all eating at the same time, and all eating the same food.

  2. What a great article. As someone who really enjoys the process, I'm sad to see this tradition go by the wayside. BTW, the link has an extra http in it, and doesn't work. Here is the correct one:

  3. Thank you, Bob! The link has been corrected.
    By the way, cool pix!