Sunday, August 02, 2009

Why no comments?

This is a pretty good op-ed piece by Thomas Friedman in the NYT about how it is time for Israel to freeze the settlements. I like that it is coming from a Jew and it is not toeing the stale line of most Jewish organizations which insist on defending Israel's self-destructive policies, no matter what.
The assertion by Netanyahu that David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel are self-hating Jews for supporting a moratorium on the settlements is despicable, inexcusable and offensive to say the least. His spokesman claims he didn't say it. He should be apologizing to them on his knees. What an asshole.
But what I find interesting is that there is no comments section for this article online. Why is that? Because this topic brings out the crazies on both sides? Views like Friedman's hopefully reflect the views of Jews, like me, who are tired of Israel being the villain, who are afraid of Israel becoming a theocratic, right-wing state overrun by maniacal religious freaks, and are tired of the conflict and the burden it puts on Israel and on Jews all over the world, let alone on the Palestinians who live in the territories and who need a state now.
Something like this would be my comment, if I could put it there.

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