Friday, August 14, 2009

Boycott Glenn Beck

I'm happy to hear that a campaign aimed at advertisers to make them pull their ads off the Glenn Beck Show is working. Somebody sent it to me via facebook and I signed the petition. Apparently, so far P&G, Sargento Cheese, Geico and Men's Wearhouse have pulled their ads. It's unfortunate that the audience needs to apply pressure on these marketers, who should know better than to spend money supporting a bigot, a hatemonger, and an insufferable, moronic windbag.
The African American organization who called for the boycott is called The Color of Change but you don't have to be Black, (and I'm sure many of those who signed are of every color in the human rainbow), to express your outrage at this idiot.
Yes, freedom of expression, yes. But we need to bring back the level of discourse to something that is not regressive, offensive and dangerous. Comparing Obama to the Nazis? It's so absurd, it's nauseating. It's worse: it's calculated, pre-emptive spin, since the Nazis have far more in common with the right wing nutjobs than with anybody in the Democratic party, much less Barack Obama.
But this is how propaganda works and it has done way too much damage in recent human history to give it a free pass. We are in the 21st Century. Those who don't like it should shut up and put up.
All the craziness about the health care debate, about this is not my America, about Sarah Palin's death panels, is nothing but unmitigated racism. Interestingly, the worms are coming out of the woodwork and America gets to show its ugly, ugly face once more. It is up to us, decent people of whatever political persuasion, to fight this kind of rhetoric.
Luckily, we have Stephen Colbert setting things straight in his very own way.

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