Friday, August 07, 2009

Department of Unfathomable Idiocy

I got some sort of moronic prophecy yesterday via email (that's how we get them nowadays, together with asinine chain letters and Nigerian scams) in which, supposedly, the biblical book of Ezekiah foresees the destruction of Israel by a "black prince".
Now, some enterprising religious imbecile put it upon himself to find the Hebrew letters that spell Obama scattered through the text, totally at random. You can do the same and find the letters for "Burger King" or "Borscht" or "Mogo in the Gogogo" or whatever combination you desire. This is nothing but the most insidious, retarded, irresponsible fear and hate mongering.
Jews should know better than to do these kinds of things. For those with a short memory, let me remind you that it is precisely this kind of defamatory drivel that fanned antisemitism for centuries. Shame on you.
And why? Because Obama is demanding a freeze on settlements? Or because he's Black and has an Arab middle name? Or because it is always good business to keep the gullible pissing in their pants?
What angers me most is that the very selfsame Jews who consider the Bible sacred and untouchable and literal, are the ones who are quick to turn it into a cheap source of supersitious mumbo jumbo.
Beware of the holier than thou: they are the greatest scammers on Earth.
I have a picture of this thing, but I will not post it because that would defeat the purpose. This stuff should not be scattered around. It should be condemned and abhorred, if only for how transparently manipulative, evil and stupid it is.

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