Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Great Public Speaking

But I'm not so sure this is why we got Obama into the Presidency, to be a great orator.
I'm disappointed that he talked about the public option as if it was some sort of embarrassment he had to apologize for. If the majority of American people want it, why is he so ashamed to push it? If the majority want it, how come only 5% are going to get it?
He had some good zingers (it's going to cost less than Iraq and Afghanistan and the tax breaks for the rich) and it was good to bring the ghost of Ted Kennedy into the room at the end, but it's all hot air if he doesn't put his foot down and get it done.
I think it is a disgrace when a speech about healthcare concerns itself more with the insurance companies than with patients and doctors. The plan is supposed to rein in the insurance companies, which is good (if difficult to believe), but this hodgepodge still doesn't solve the horror of the richest, most powerful country on Earth unwilling to provide universal healthcare for its citizens. I find this unfathomable.
In the end, I hope we get some sort of improvement. I'll believe it when I see it.

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