Sunday, September 06, 2009

People Who Think The Rules Don't Apply To Them

And by that I mean someone like Annie Leibovitz, who apparently mismanaged her money so badly that she owes like 24 million dollars and has had to put her photographs and houses as collateral.  She stands to lose the rights to her own pictures, which is pretty awful. But to judge from the reports, she is just reaping what she's sown.
I have never liked her work. You can read why here. When I read about her financial troubles, I was appalled, like everyone else, to learn that this woman, who was very highly paid, to put it mildly, owed $800,000 to her vendors, and at one point was so disorganized that she would rent cars and not return them, she would never come around to sign her photographs for clients who had bought the prints, would spend lavishly and irresponsibly and was simply an ass with money. It seemed to me she has that syndrome of "I am such a special talent that the rules of civic and professional behavior do not apply to me". I cannot say that I feel sorry for her.
I don't feel sorry for anyone who doesn't pay their vendors.

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