Sunday, September 06, 2009

Marketing is Evil

And in case you were skeptical, here is my gift for you.
Some members of the food industry pay $100,000 to enroll their engineered products (which can't be called food proper) in a program that uses green labels signaling them as "Healthier Choices". This is instead of each food company doing the same thing on their own, which they had been doing up to now. The people running the program are mostly representatives of the food industry.  Thus, Froot Loops is considered a Healthier Choice. Under their ridiculous guidelines, something as natural and wholesome as Kool-Aid could make the cut since it has vitamin C.
Lunchables, that despicable packaged thing for kids, has made the cut. 
This is nothing but misleading advertising.  It has nothing to do with nutrition, much less with actual food.

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