Thursday, September 03, 2009

Shoe story

After much debate with myself, I bought a pair of those uglyass MBT shoes that supposedly correct your posture and give your legs a workout. Mine are not so ugly. They are red with light gray trim.  They look retarded yet stylish.
The MBT people have come out with models that are trying to minimize the uglyass factor. That was a huge drawback for me. That and the price. 
I took them out for a morning walk and indeed, I could immediately feel my posture improve. Since you need to gently balance yourself in the middle of the sole, you don't push your torso forward. I also felt more of a workout when walking, a little more exertion. I believe that I felt less strain in my hip joints, but that may be susceptibility to hype. They felt good. And they make you taller. Except, I don't know why, one of them was chafing the upper part of my right heel and now I have a painful blister and I can't wear them. This right heel of mine bristles at certain shoes. I think I have some sort of bone growth that sticks out.
Isn't this stuff fascinating, my darling readers?
Honest, I didn't know what to write about today. I really didn't want to get into the idiots who protested the Israeli film sidebar at the Toronto Film Festival. That stuff makes my liver curdle. I didn't want to go into the revolting massacre at a drug rehab clinic in Juarez. That is so cowardly and nauseating, I can't bear to talk about it.
So we're talking about my feet problems today.
Catch is, I got the shoes on final sale (what, you thought I was going to pay almost $250 for a pair of glorified sneakers?) and so either my right heel toes the line, or I I'll have to sell them on Ebay.

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