Thursday, January 25, 2007

I bet someone's blaming Israel for this too

I was watching CNN and the sight of grown men bent on destroying a car in Beirut, like Neanderthals, I don't care which freaking faction they belong to, was so utterly pointless and absurd, that it made me want to stop the world, and get off the premises.
I am rather fed up with the Sunnis and the Shias. Now students are clashing in Lebanon, because major destabilizers Iran and Syria, who back Hezbollah, are provoking unrest. If Hezbollah wants control of the country, it should get it through a democratic vote, instead of through violence. A lot of people support them -- maybe they would win fair and square, like Hamas did in the Palestinian territories. Not that this is necessarily good, but at least it's democracy.
I wonder if they will ever get tired of killing each other. Perhaps they could take a look at the bloody mayhem they are unleashing in their own countries, on their own streets, and call it a day? Am I being too naive?

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