Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just Don't Go!

Since I refuse to watch the POTUS on TV on the fear of breaking into cold sweats, a massive rash or worse, I didn't hear his address where he made caca of the Iraq Study Group and told the nation he is sending more cannon fodder over to die over there. To die for his costly, inexcusable, horrendous, retarded mistakes.
I say to the soldiers: refuse to serve. Don't go.
I know it's probably really bad advice to give an enlisted soldier, but wouldn't it be great if big numbers of soldiers, batallions, platoons, etc, refused to serve in Iraq?
I am with Charlie Rangel on this one: if Bush wants to send more people over there, he should bring back the draft and have the other more fortunate sons and daughters of America, the stupid idiots who are currently too busy manning the playstation and obssessing over Britney Spears, to share the burden with our current, overtaxed, undervalued soldiers. This stupid war would be over in an instant.

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