Monday, January 01, 2007

Terrorists are scum

Even if they call to let you know in advance that they have planted a bomb in the parking lot of an airport and you have half an hour to evacuate. Those terrorists not only are still scum, but I fail to see the point. What the fuck, can somebody tell me, is the point of such idiotic, mindless destruction, (two people were killed, asleep in their cars). Haven't the ETA idiots gotten the memo that wanton acts of violence and destruction will not get them anything? Are we supposed to think they are really nice because they let us know in advance?
We were on our flight back from Marrakech, via Casablanca but the plane left on time and arrived on time and although we had heard some Spanish guys talk about something that had happened at the airport in Madrid, nothing seemed amiss (except that the flight was empty). That is, until we got off the plane and smelled that smell of burnt metal and smoke that New Yorkers recognize from 9/11 and we saw a deserted airport, people wearing face masks, lots of police and Guardia Nacional. It took about two hours to get out of the airport, but considering the seriousness of the attack, I was surprised that we were able to travel on time. The fact is that the very beautiful new terminal by Richard Rodgers is a total pain in the ass for passengers anyway. Utterly inconvenient, huge, unmanageable, badly signalized, exhausting. It takes like ages to get from one point to another, so this terrorist incident only made things worse by a little. The line for cabs was no worse than the lines at JFK or La Guardia every day. In fact, it moved faster.
Still, I do despise the proximity of terror in my life. I despise asinine assholes that plant bombs one day before New Years Eve on one of the busiest traveling periods of the year. I despise assholes that plant bombs. Period.

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