Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pathetic Good News

Well, at least we don't have to worry about this one: John Kerry has taken a good look at himself and decided not to run for office. Gosh, it must have been such a hard decision, especially since he seems to be the only one that didn't get the memo that nobody in their right mind would vote for him ever again.
Actually, I don't blame him. I blame the idiot Democrats for foisting him upon us. And since they're at it, John Edwards would do well to drop out now. Let Hil and Barack duke it out. At least they are both leadery.
So now, what shall it be? Hillary v. Giuliani? (what a blood bath). But I have hope, since I feel that elections in this country are actually determined by whether the candidate has a full head of hair (or by whether Republicans tamper with the ballots). The more anchormanlike the hair, the more moussefied, the better. In which case, Hil has a serious advantage over Giuliani, but also over Barack Obama. I think this nation is ready to have a black president, but it's not ready to have a president with a weird name, just as it may not be ready to have a president without a full head of hair or a really scary mien (see Rudy). I am ready for Barack, who, barring some horrid faux pas or ridiculous skeleton in the closet, seems like a very presidential candidate (not for now, for 2012), and I am even ready for Hil, as long as she stops being an opportunist and starts showing some principle. And as long as the Democrats do what we put them there for and give this unspeakable moron and his disgraceful party hell for the next two years.
Now, the other day, at the gym, (which is where I get my news, through the CNN ticker, on mute), I read an appalling phrase that clarified that Barack Obama attended a madrassah, which was described as a radical Muslim school. I am under the impression that a madrassah is sort of an Islamic yeshiva and not necessarily radical by definition. It is a theological school for Islam. Now, how this came about, I don't know, but I can smell despicable tactics, trying to connect Obama to Osama. Apparently, his middle name is Hussein, which does not bode well, but it would be healthily perverse if our next president were to contain that name in his name. I would vote for him in a second. Faster than I would vote for Hil. However, as I read somewhere or other, Hil has had 12 years experience already in the White House, discussing policy in bed with the prez (when he wasn't being serviced elsewhere), which is strongly in her favor. I say let's have 8 years of Hil and then 8 of Obama. The Age of Aquarius at last.
Look at it this way, Bush is so magnificently unpopular right now, that they've been bandying about the name Nixon in the same sentence with Bush for the last week, (28% approval rate, still too high). After him, even the most retarded morons may be willing to concede that a woman or a black man would do a far better job. People may switch sides.
Note to the Democrats: the next election is going to be determined by women voters. Drill that thought into your befuddled heads. Women will vote for Hillary because she is a woman, even if they don't love her. They will vote for Barack because he is hot. The Republican candidates don't stand a chance (I pray).

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