Friday, February 09, 2007

Always such a drama

Why is it always such a freaking drama in Jerusalem? The Israeli Antiquities Authority, a respected archaeological entity, is digging a walkway right next to the Wailing Wall in order to protect some antiquities that have not been dug out yet. The Muslims on the adjacent Temple Mount are claiming that the dig will damage the Al Aqsa Mosque. Two religions in such close proximity and of course it's all antagonistic.
If you look at the drawing here, it seems that the walkway is not jeopardizing the mosque at all. It is more than the length of one Olympic sized pool away from the mosque. But if the Muslims and Palestinians want to see this as yet another opportunity to create unrest and spin it into some kind of malign Jewish plot, nobody can stop them. The acrimony there has been seething for ages and there is no such thing as the use of reason.

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