Friday, February 09, 2007

And speaking of malign Jewish plots

And speaking of malign Jewish plots, this one actually cracked me up (although it ain't funny):
In Michael Specter's fantastic, scary piece about Putin in a recent New Yorker, he reports that in Russia there were several theories about who'd want to poison that Russian guy in London with radioactive material.

In Moscow, a city given to conspiracy theories, people could speak of little else: Putin had acted to silence a vocal traitor: no, Putin enemies did it, to destroy the image of the Kremlin...; Putin allies did it... the "Jews" did it, because Litvinenko had converted to Islam... Muslim extremists did it... Berezovsky did it...
Then Berezovsky himself says:

When Litvinenko died, there were a thousand theories: he killed himself, I killed him. Al Qaeda. Jews. Putin. Everybody.
As every antisemitic idiocy that's ever come from that godforsaken land (they are after all, the proud creators of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion), I bet the possibility was considered in utter seriousness by many.
The Jews. Gee, that must include me, and my one year old nephew, and the nice couple who are my next door neighbors, and Larry David, and fill in the blanks. We wanted to kill Litvinenko 'cause the poor schlub changed his religion.
Some countries never change.

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