Friday, February 23, 2007


I don't know what to write about today. Sundry assholes come to mind:

1. John McCain. Now he is saying that Rumsfeld was the worst Secretary of Defense ever. Now. Why didn't you say something when the guy was still in office, you stupid putz?
2. The Anna Nicole judge. One would have thought that the only dignified human being in close proximity to that silicone trash bag would be a judge, but I guess that Miss Smith's greatest talent, even in death, was to surround herself with the absolute bottom of the barrel, way down in the gutter, and so this judge Seidlin is no exception.
And speaking of assholes, what kind of family allows a person to decompose for two weeks before burying her WHEREVER?
This late show host Craig Ferguson gets in the news because he decides to defend Britney Spears from the jeering malevolence of the public. That's very nice of him, but why is this news exactly? I saw it on CNN and on ABC, as if it was some kind of incredible pronouncement. And I can't help but thinking he only said that because no one ever watches his show, so it helps with the ratings. Maybe I'm too jaded. But there seems to be far more interest in the fates of two trailer trash hos than in the fate of American soldiers in Iraq. Man, if I was a soldier in Iraq I would be seething. I don't know how I would feel when I came home to utter indifference and callous disregard for what I was doing over there. I'd feel murderous rage.

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