Monday, February 05, 2007


Luckily for us, now you don't have to watch the Superbowl (WHO CARES?) to watch the ads. I just spent like an hour of my time checking them on adcritic. Like I have nothing better to do.
The results are in: I am not impressed.
American advertisers seem to have one thing in common: no wit. Really stupid humor, for the most part.
Those marketers that allowed real people to write their commercials should be hanged by their balls. Almost all of the ads completely sucked, were amateurish and pathetic. If agencies allow civilians to write their spots, they should deserve what they have coming. Annihilation.
The Careerbuilder spots about the office being a jungle were funny, particularly the one in which everybody's trying to skip the training seminar.
The FedEx Moon Office spot was no better (but I'm sure far more expensive) than the absolutely hilarious Caveman spot of last year, which I adore because it is so well written. Caveman employee: "But we don't have FedEx yet!" Caveman Boss: "Not my problem".
Moon Office was kind of the same idea, less funny and far too distracting. But the FedEx Ground spot about not judging things by their name was a hoot. Loved it.
I actually also liked the Latinworks (go homies!) Bud Light spot with Carlos Mencia. It is about immigrants and it is un-pc, like Mr. Mencia is, and it was quite funny. However, most of the Bud Light spots were incredibly stupid and violent, and I'm not cool with that.
Of the stupid animal category, my favorite was the Budweiser spot about the worshipping crabs. The dog and the Clysdales, who gives a fuck? The gorillas? Not that funny. Two talking lions for Taco Bell? Por qué?
I liked the Cliff Freeman Snapple ad with the guy who goes all the way to China to find out what's in the back of the bottle.
The Snickers brokeback mountain mechanics ad started out great and then ended up really retarded. Where's the punch line?
But the most misguided one of them all was the General Motors spot about the robot that gets fired. All it made me think about is how fucked up the American car industry is and how much I would not want a GM car if they gave me one for free.
And now you can return to your original, mindnumbing programming. But perhaps as you vegetate in front of your favorite sitcom you can give thanks you are not in Iraq getting blown up.

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