Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Department of Questionable Taste

Only in Brazil. A school of Samba is planning to have a carnival float commemorating the Holocaust, of all subjects, with piles of dead bodies and all. The theme is "shockers":

"The float is extremely respectful, it's a warning, it's something shocking that we don't want to happen ever again," said Paulo Barros, Viradouro's artistic director. Viradouro's parade theme is "Shockers" and it includes floats depicting the shock of birth, the shock of horror and the shock of cold. Barros said the Holocaust float would be the only one without dancers on top."If we had people dancing on top of dead bodies that would indeed be disrespectful," he told Reuters.

Right. But only if they were dancing on top. Perhaps indeed it is not meant as disrespect, but it is in terrible, terrible taste. Besides being a total killjoy.

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