Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eat your Chinese Veggies

The amazing indoor market in Old Town Shanghai. Not everything looks like "Alien".
The highlight of my trip were the markets. In Jinan we went to a "free market" that is, a place where vendors can quote a market price rather than the government controlled prices. In Qufu, instead of going to buy souvenirs, we went the other way and found ourselves looking at men making noodles on the street, selling stuffed buns, pineapples, candied fruit, you name it. Like yours truly, the Chinese are obsessed with food, bless them, and there is so much strange food to look at.

Lots of citrus fruits, but no fresh orange juice anywhere (or at least anywhere we went). Fruit vendors tend to display plastic bananas as a sign. Cute.

Cherry tomatoes. The best apples I've ever tasted, I tasted in China. Crisp and intense.

Water chestnuts.

Pickled everything.

A stunning radish.

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