Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Scrabulous PR

If I were Mattel or Hasbro, the people who control the Scrabble trademark, instead of asking the creators of Scrabulous to cease and desist, I would be forever grateful that they revitalized the brand and created millions of new fans, many of which may buy a real board so they can play with people instead of a computer screen.
Yes the genius brothers who created it certainly took Scrabble as a model, but how many cases of real Scrabble are sold each year to wonks like me? It's nobody's but their own fault that these companies did not develop a virtual Scrabble, which is a genius idea, with all the resources they have. Their bad.
I have one board game, untouched, I bought like ten years ago. But now, I'm playing transatlantic Scrabulous with my friend Mimosa who is creaming me from Paris, and if it was up to me I'd be playing all day.
I just have one beef. The game won't let me do (or I am too stupid to figure out how to do) a multiple word in one play, like Mimosa does all the time, thereby creaming me.

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